Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat. – Ann Landers

Hi – I am Arnaud. Born in 96, strong-ish Viking, CrossFit addict, and techy dude during the day. Throughout the years, sports have become an essential part of my life. So much that I can’t do without it anymore.

2018 has been a year of huge change and transformation: from couch potato to CrossFit and OCR addict. Life was taking a pretty dull and dark turn; work prevailed and essentially became the only thing I did. Once I started giving on the little running (<10k) I did, I started looking for alternatives for a stress outlet.

At this point, Peter had been nagging that I should join the local CrossFit box and unload. After developing a strong passion for CrossFit, the love for obstacle course running started growing as well. I ran most of the Spartacus Series and a few Strong Vikings. I was extremely doubtful and unsure I’d be able to do any of this, but the love hasn’t stopped growing and has incentivized me to continue the madness in 2019: go full Iron Viking.

Strong Viking Water Edition 2018

The path towards and beyond the Iron Viking is tough, and I mean really tough- yet I never wanted to make a goal truer than this one. This blog is meant as a piece of reflection – to see how hard the battle towards the finish was. But also, more importantly: an incentive to those who might have the same doubt I had in 2018: sometimes the best decision is to stop doubting and just do it.