Hello 2019

Hello 2019

Hello 2019, and more specifically hello you: welcome to our blog! We are Peter and Arnaud, and we’ve pledged to a common goal: run all Iron and Ultra Viking runs.

2018 was the “year of prep.” We trained, ran, and tested what’s possible. It’s time to take up the ultimate challenge now 2019 has come around: step our game up and participate in the mother of all obstacle courses: the Iron and Ultra Strong Vikings.

All Iron vikings in 2019.

This blog is meant as a diary where we document our progress towards these nine challenges. That’s right: we’re doing all the Iron Vikings and are attempting the Ultra Viking to top things off.

Join us in our journey through 2019. We hope our story inspires others to do the same and brings the joy of obstacle course running to many more people.

See you around.
Peter and Arnaud

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