The final countdown

The final countdown

Today is March 4th, which is also the day we received the final information regarding the first Iron Viking of the year in Fürstenau. The series of events we have set as a goal. The series of events we have been looking forward to ever since this idea was sprouted is just days away.

Arnaud and I are beyond excited that this journey is finally about to start.

Battle planF

Distance: 42KM

Starting time: 10:00

Format: Run 19km lap, Run 13km lap, run 7km lap -> become an iron Viking for the first time in 2019

Cut-off time: for lap 1 (19Km) + lap 2 (13KM): 16:00

Knowing Strong viking, the distances are closer to 20km and 14km, this leaves us 34km to finish before 16:00

34km before 16:00 gives us six hours. In other words, we have to average 5.6 km/h to make the cut-off time. Since we would like to atleast have some leeway, We’ll aim for 6km/h average.T

6km/h average, is 10:00 mins per kilometer. Knowing that Obstacles slow you down quite a lot, we will aim to run at a pace of 7:30 to 7:45 per kilometer, giving us 2:15 to 2:30 min per kilometer to spare, which is mostly going to go to the obstacles where we have to wait, walk, crawl, etc.

With the strategy set, the training mostly done, we are ready to take this on.

See you on Saturday!

And hopefully see you soon in our blog post about our successful finish of this first Iron Viking of the year.

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